MyGivingHub - A Digital Giving Platform For Donors

MyGivingHub has been specifically created to enable you to donate to all your favorite causes in one simple centralised platform.

MyGivingHub allows you to monitor your donation history, register one or more cards, manage your Gift Aid declarations and match past online and contactless donations made using your registered cards to help maximise the claim of Gift Aid for the causes you support.

You can set up and manage one off or recurring donations, as well as Gift Aid with a few simple clicks.

MyGivingHub has been designed to make donating to your favorite causes simple, quick, and easy.

Donating to various causes doesn't need to be daunting or complicated. MyGivingHub makes donating remotely online easier than ever, using our range of useful resources to manage and monitor your donations.

Whether you are looking to donate to your local church, or support charitable organisations within your local community, MyGivingHub allows you access to choose from more than 34,000 causes and registered Charities to donate to.

Not only does this make keeping track of your donations more efficient for you, but it also makes it more effective and efficient for your favorite causes.

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Digital Giving to Your Charities & Causes

MyGivingHub removes the complexity of having to register your details with multiple organisations in order to support them. This is why MyGivingHub is perfect for donors. You only need to register your details once to gain access to more than 34,000 charities and good causes.

Simply log in to your account, register your payment card(s) and search for the organisation you wish to donate to. You can process a one off or recurring donation and it’s as easy as that.

We’ll even remind you when your Gift Aid declaration is due to expire so you can log into your portal to renew it.

You may well be a supporter of your local church with regular monthly giving and wish to make one off donations to other meaningful charities and causes like The Poppy Appeal, RNLI, or your local hospice. This is all possible using MyGivingHub our digital giving platform which enables donors to support their chosen causes as quickly and efficiently as possible and at no cost to you.

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