Direct support for charities

MyGivingHub facilitates your one-off donations and manages your recurring donations on behalf of your chosen charity. We do not handle your donation - that goes directly to the organisations’ bank account.

Finding New Causes

When you choose to donate, you will be asked to select your desired cause. Simply type in the name of the charitable Organisation you’d like to support. If you do not have a specific cause in mind, you can search keywords such as 'children', 'cancer', 'hospice'.

Make donating flexible

Make your donations more flexible by registering for a My Giving Hub account today. You can choose to make a one-off donation to any charity in our extensive database or set up a recurring weekly or monthly donation to the causes that matter to you most. Pay by debit/credit, Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Can I donate using Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Yes, you can donate using Apple Pay and Google Pay. However, you cannot use Apple Pay or Google Pay when setting up a recurring donation. If you wish to set up a recurring donation, please use a standard debit or credit card.

Can I use MyGivingHub on my phone?

Yes, MyGivingHub can be used on any smart phone, tablet, computer, or laptop. Fully optimised for your convenience. You only need connection to the internet.

You can also save MyGivingHub as an icon on your smartphone for quick and easy access, any time, anywhere.

Can you claim Gift Aid on historical donations?

You can claim Gift Aid on eligible donations up to 4 years old. You would need to consider your tax position over those 4 years and inform the charity if you did not pay enough tax.

How do I add my payment cards?

Simply log in to your account and navigate to 'Manage Cards'. Within this area you will be able to add, edit and delete a payment card.

How do I cancel a recurring donation?

Log into your MyGivingHub account then Select Giving history under the quick link. Under the recurring donations section please select edit and then press the delete button

How do I know if I qualify for Gift Aid?

How do I know if I qualify for Gift Aid?

To qualify for Gift Aid, you must have:

  • Paid UK Income or Capital Gains Tax that financial year.
  • Paid the equivalent amount in tax of the Gift Aid the charity will reclaim on your donation.
  • Notify your supported charity if you stop paying enough tax, for example, you stop working or your tax rate changes.
Is Gift Aid available on contactless donations?

As a large supplier of contactless donations devices across the UK and Europe this means that we can match Gift Aid to contactless transactions on any devices we supply. Therefore, we encourage you to register as many payment cards as possible to maximise the potential Gift Aid collection.

Make your donation go further with Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a UK government tax initiative designed to benefit donors, registered charity organisations and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs). If you are a UK taxpayer, the initiative increases the value of your charitable donation by 25%, meaning every £1 you donate, 25p gets added to the donation at no extra cost to you.

Between January and June 2020, the public donated a total of £5.4 billion to charity – an increase of £800 million compared to the same period in 2019.

What do you need to do as a donor?

As a donor, you will need to complete a Gift Aid Declaration (GAD) for your chosen charity to claim. You can do this by completing a declaration form when you donate. This could either be face to face and so you would need to ask the charity for a GAD. You could be donating online in which case most places will ask you if you wish to add gift aid and present you with a GAD if you have not previously registered.

What happens if I am a high-rate taxpayer?

If you are a high-rate taxpayer, you can claim back additional benefits on the donations you make. You would need to include the amount you have donated when completing your self-assessment form each year.

If you need any more information on Gift Aid, please visit.

What if my favourite charity or good cause is not listed?

If your chosen charity or good cause is not listed, please contact us and we will be happy to contact that organisation to invite them on to our platform.

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