Digital Giving to Your Charities & Causes

My Giving Hub is an online donation service that allows you to give digitally to your favourite causes and charities with a variety of digital tools to centralise all of your charitable giving in a single place.

The My Giving Hub allows you to monitor your giving history, register more than one donation card, manage your Gift Aid claim permissions and match past online and contactless donations made using your registered cards to help maximise the claim of Gift Aid for the causes you support.

You can set up and manage recurring donations and Gift Aid to your chosen causes with a few simple clicks.

Make A Donation
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Maximise Gift Aid on all of your Giving

Donating to various causes doesn’t need to be daunting. The My Giving Hub makes giving remotely online easier than ever, using our range of useful resources to manage and monitor your donations.

Whether you’re looking to give to your local church or support charitable organisations within your local community, My Giving Hub allows you access to choose from over 30,000 causes and registered Charities to donate to. Not only does this make keeping track of your donations more efficient for you, it makes it more effective and efficient for your favourite causes.

Online Giving Portal
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We have everything donors need to maximise their giving efforts in one easy to navigate Giving Hub.

Make Single or Recurring Donations
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Schedule recurring donations to your favourite charities, or make a one off contribution to a specific cause.

Register Your Cards
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You can register all the bank cards you use for your giving and donations, making your donation portfolio easier to track and manage in a single place.

Never Miss Gift Aid
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Choose to add Gift Aid to your current and future donations along with any donations you have made in the past 4 years with any of your registered card details.

Digital Giving For Charity
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Donate now and have an immediate impact on the causes that matter to you most.

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Finding New Causes
When you choose to make a donation you will be asked to select your desired cause. Simply type in the name of the Charitable Organisation you’d like to support. If you don’t have a specific organisation in mind you can search using keywords such as ‘children’ ‘cancer’ or ‘donkey’.

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Make Donating Flexible
Make your donations more flexible by registering for a My Giving Hub account today. You can choose to make a one-off donation to any charity in our extensive database or set up a recurring weekly or monthly donation to the causes that matter to you most.

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Direct Support For Charities
My Giving Hub facilitates your one-off donations and manages your recurring donations on behalf of your chosen charity. We do not handle your donation - that goes directly to the organisation’s bank account.