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MyGivingHub has been specifically created using our years of experience in both the charity and digital payments sectors to enable you to donate to all your favourite causes in one simple centralised platform.

MyGivingHub is free, secure and easy to use with access to thousands of charities, churches, mosques and causes.

Online portal

Online Giving Portal

We have created everything donors need to maximise their giving efforts in one easy to navigate system. Simply log in, search for a cause, and donate. There’s more than 34,000 charities and good causes currently available with more being added. What’s more there’s no cost to you for using our platform.

Digital Donations

Make single or recurring donations

Schedule recurring donations to your favourite charity or make a one-off contribution to a specific cause. Recurring donations can be set up for weekly or monthly intervals and will automatically be collected by card.

Note: recurring donations can only be processed using a standard debit or credit cards.

Mobile phone checks

Never miss gift aid

Choose to add Gift Aid to your current and future donations along with any donations you have made in the past 4 years with any of your registered cards. Gift Aid increases the value of your charitable donation by 25%, meaning every £1 you donate, 25p gets added to the donation at no extra cost to you.

Secure online portal

Securely register your cards

You can register all the bank cards you use for your donations, making your donation portfolio easier to track and manage in a single place.

Digital giving for charity

Donate now and have an immediate impact on the causes that matter most to you.

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